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Why Does Everyone Attract Love But You?

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Why Does Everyone Attract Love But You?

You Have The Power To Create Your Ideal Relationship—Heres How To Finally Attract The Partner Youll Be Thrilled To Wake Up With Every Morning. Here’s How to Attract Love.

We’ve met countless amazing, single women at our seminars, in our offices, and even on Oprah.

The majority of them are successful, accomplished and intelligent.  Many of them are role models in their community – they’re devoted volunteers, athletes, and leaders.  Some of them are world travelers – they might even have careers abroad.

These women have a home they’re proud of, friends that are like family, and a healthy social life.

And all of this makes them extremely frustrated!

Women tell us time and again: “I’m really good at making things happen in my life, but…”

And you know what’s coming next: they have everything they want, except for the thing they want most.


What’s going on here?  If you feel especially stuck in the area of love – as if no matter what you do, you just can’t make that one thing happen – you’ll want to pay close attention to this message.

Your Inner Power To Attract And Create What You Want

There’s a simple explanation for why these women – and you – can make so many magical things happen except for attracting a healthy, lasting relationship.

And once you understand this reason, it’s going to put you on a speed path to the love of your life.

Take a moment to look at everything you’ve accomplished so far, and all of the things you hold dear.

Now, take another moment to realize that the common denominator in all those things is YOU.

The fact that you have these things in your life is no accident.  They are the result of all your commitments, intentions, and actions.  You made them happen.

And just as you have the power to make them happen, you also have the full ability to create the love relationship you want.

All it takes is harnessing your full creative power in the area of love.

Use Your Creative Power To Attract An Extraordinary Relationship Click Here


How Your Creative Power In Love Gets Shut Down


We’re not talking about polishing your dating techniques or making sure you look and dress a certain way.


Instead, it’s about making certain changes at a deeper level that will unlock your power to attract the right partner and create a great relationship.


Your power to create is always there, but we all have inner barriers that sometimes prevent us from using this power.


These inner barriers went up a long time ago – they’re erected during our childhoods, and we build even more with every unsuccessful relationship.


These are the barriers that tell us that “love is hard,” or that “there are no good men out there,” or “once a man gets to know me, he won’t want me.”


Often, we don’t even realize these barriers exist.  We only see evidence of them when we keep having the same kind of unhealthy relationship over and over, or when we can’t seem to get into any relationship at all. Click Here
These experiences then confirm our barriers.  “See,” you tell yourself after yet another romantic disappointment, “It just never works out for me, no matter what I do.”


Feeling like you’re somehow “doomed” in love – that you’re a magnet for losers or too flawed to maintain a relationship – is a sure-fire sign that your creative powers are being halted by these inner barriers.


Because here’s the truth:  you’re no different from the person next door who is in a loving relationship.  That person is human and flawed, just as much as you are – or perhaps more!  And if you talk to him or her, you’ll likely find out that they’ve experienced their share of heartbreak.  In fact, they’re probably still growing in their relationship right now.


Release Your Inner Blocks And Watch Love Overflow


When we teach singles our method for identifying and releasing their inner blocks to love, miracles happen.


Suddenly, they’re able to attract the right partner and create a relationship with the same ease and flow they enjoy in other areas of their lives.


And now, you can learn the same techniques right at home.  We designed our audio and video program, Attracting Genuine Love, to help you unleash your full ability to attract and create a genuine, lasting relationship.  You’ll learn:


  • “The Painful Past Eraser” – a simple process to shift anything that may be holding you back from love. With this exercise, you’ll free yourself up from the negative energy you didn’t even know you were still holding on to.


  • How to get completely clear on the qualities that matter to you in a partner, and why it’s important to be “selfish” in your search for a partner – otherwise you’ll keep bouncing from one unsatisfactory relationship to another.
  • Our three-step process that guides you in creating the right physical, emotional, and mental space for lasting love to find you


Our approach is whole-body learning, so that what we teach you sticks with you and works at the deepest levels of your being.  You’ll be able to watch Katie guide you through each and every exercise, and you’ll also listen to Gay give you the “why and how” so you really understand each concept.


Start learning here:


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There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t create the relationship you’ve longed for.  It’s right there, waiting for you.  We can’t wait to help you reach out and grab it.

Katie and Gay Hendricks

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