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When the going gets tough, tough gets going

It is rightly said, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!” We have been hearing about this adage since childhood. But what does it mean? Well the meaning of this phrase is obvious for many; but very few can actually implement it.

Literally speaking, it means, whenever there is a difficult situation, you get tougher and tougher to face the situation. It is really important to get tougher to deal with the situation during the tough times; otherwise the situation, its hardship and all the associated negative things will over power you.

Given a choice, nobody would like to get into a tough situation. But only during the adverse situation, your actual growth takes place. That’s why it is so much important to have challenges in life. Some times these challenges come on their own; while some other times you have to set new challenges for yourselves. The challenges help you to get better in life both professionally and personally by making you tough internally.

All the successful people would vouch for it. They have made it big in life only by facing and overcoming challenging situations.

So next time when you are faced with a difficult situation, you need to look upon it as an opportunity to get tougher inside. You need to believe that by the time you are able to get over that situation, you will become a stronger and more capable person. You’ll rise up in life. Then you can look for higher challenge; or if it finds you, then you should be willing to accept it.

Once you learn to face and overcome challenges, the winner within you is awakened. Then winning will become your habit, your second nature. Failures would only become opportunities of growth and progress for you. With this change in your attitude you’ll become a positive person irrespective of your situation and live a positive, and successful life!

So if you are going through the tough times of you life, count it as your blessings. Remember that difference between winners and losers is that losers cry over every small problem whereas winners work out even toughest situation in their favour.

That’s why Robert Schuller says,Tough times never last, but tough people do!

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