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What is Success

The word “Success” means a number of things. No one can deny its importance in life. We all want to be successful in life. But success means different things to different people.

But what I believe is the ultimate effect of success is happiness. Irrespective of in which area you want to be successful, you should be happy about it.

Most people consider success only in terms of financial leverage. People go by the myth that more money one earns, the more he/she is successful. That’s why we the pursuit or the motive of everyone’s action is earning money.

But if you look at the broad spectrum of life, we can see that a human life has many dimensions. Economic part is only for living, but you have to have sound health, good relationships, social status etc to claim that you  are enjoying holistic success.

The purpose of this blog is to understand the meaning of success in life and help in figuring out the ways to achieve holistic success. These ways are like the keys to unlock and open the doors of success in your life!

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Vikram Anand
This is Vikram Anand; an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Digital Marketer and a Certified Life Coach for Personal Development. I love to share my thoughts and ideas on the topics of Self Improvement and How to be Successful in Life. Helping people to achieve their goals in life is my passion and I do so by way of my blog: http://masterkeystosuccess.com and conducting seminars and workshops.

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