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What are YOUR character strengths?

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man in mirror 300The University of Pennsylvania is the home of the Positive Psychology Center headed by Dr. Martin Seligman. If you are interested in the strengths and virtues that help you thrive,  this is a site for you. It’s a new and fresh way to look at human behavior. The site goes into great detail about what positive psychology is and what it can do for you. It also allows you to discover your own character strengths. Yes, strengths, not weaknesses.

Be a part of research

For me, the exciting thing about this site is the research that YOU can be a part of. It’s always great to give back and this is a way to give back to those who are pioneering this new field that focuses on our wellness and happiness rather than our illness and unhappiness. On the first page in the lower left corner is a link to their research. I highly recommend that you participate. You will learn a lot about you and help them as they shape this new field.

Scientifically tested questionnaires

Just as important is the questionnaire section that will  “Develop insights into yourself and the world around you through these scientifically tested questionnaires, surveys, and scales.” You answer the questionnaire and get your score in such areas as:

  • your overall happiness
  • depression symptoms
  • your tendency to support, help and understand other people
  • you primary character strengths
  • appreciation about the Past
  • work-life satisfaction
  • three routes to happiness
  • and additional very meaningful questionnaires and that give you more insight into you

Best self-assessment tools

This is by far the best self-assessment tool I have ever seen and I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about self-improvement or who just want to develop more self-awareness. You will come out knowing your greatest strengths—strengths that you can build on.  Your scores are saved and you can go back and study them or retake them as you wish.

For the Positive Psychology site at the University Pennsylvania:  http://www.ppc.sas.upenn.edu/

For the questionnaires go to the Authentic Happiness site.

And for those of you who are wondering, I have absolutely no ties whatsoever to The Positive Psychology Center. I am an admirer of their work and think it can be life changing for those who study it and apply their teachings to their lives.

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