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Using pain as a motivation for success

Whether you accept it or not, but it hurts to be a failure. How much ever one tries to defend his/her failures in life,  but fact remains that, during those moments of failures, one gets bogged down with the pain of failure. You may try to justify your failures as your learnings, rungs of the ladder for success etc. But the pain of failing does leave an indelible impression on your life.

When you are going through the pain of failure, you have to make a choice. Whether to remain in that state of despair, or use this pain as a motivation to get up and try harder for success. People who have achieved real success in life, are the ones who have used their pain of failure positively. They used their pain to overcome their limitations, either physical or mental, by way of consistent efforts.

I am of the opinion that when you can use the pain in your life positively, then the pain and the incidents causing that pain become a boon for you. That’s why you should never curse the painful incidents for your life and complain, “God, why it has happened to me?” There is always a reason behind whatever God has given you. You may not be able to realize the reasons during the difficult times. But once that time has passed and you are into the good phase of life, you would thank those bad times, if you had taken it positively and worked to rise above the situation. Adversities are the times when you actually grow in life.

To conclude, lets not be discouraged by any pain that you are either going through or gone through in your life. Let’s always be reminded that painful times are not ever lasting. But when you are able to face those moments of pain with a winners’ spirit, then no amount of pain can destroy you. You’ll always emerge as a winner beating all odds. Lives of most people who are standing on the pedestals of success prove this point!

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