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Using Law of Attraction for achieving success

We have been hearing about ‘The Secret’ i.e the Law of Attraction. That’s one law of the universe, which when followed can help you to achieve success in life.

Now the problem is not many people know how to use this law. And those who have been using it, have achieved boundless success in their lives.

Let’s try understand this law first before we talk about its application. I would be composing many posts on this subject, because I feel that in depth understanding of this law is essential for achieving success in life!

The Law essentially says that you can attract anything you want irrespective of your position in life. To do that, you have to work upon three levels:

1. Believe: Whatever you want to have, you must first believe that you deserve it. Beliefs and faith can help you move mountains. So you got to be very sure from the core of your heart that you are a deserving candidate for fulfillment of whatever your desires are.

2. Visualize: Once you believe that your wishes can  be fulfilled, next step is to visualize that they are already being fulfilled. Simply speaking, everything has to be in present tense. You must visualize things as if they are happening on a real time basis.

3. Feel: Feeling is the most important part of the Law of Attraction. Whatever you believe and visualize, you should be able to feel it. Your feeling should be very strong enough. Remember that, its your feelings that actually help you to attract what you want in life.

When you send the vibrations of your desires empowered with your beliefs, visualizations and feelings, then gradually the universe will start responding. You’ll notice that series of events will start happening in your life that will bring you closer to the materialization of your dreams.

Those who have read The Alchemist, the punch line mentioned in the book is basically nothing but Law of Attraction, “If you dream with all your heart, then the whole universe conspires in your favour!

Once you get used to practicing the Law of Attraction, you will be amazed how your life starts changing. You will get closer and closer to achieving your dreams which define the success for you.

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