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To do what you love ensures success

do what you loveI believe one of the essential master key to success is doing what you love to do. Then work no longer becomes ‘work’ but its excitement and fun while you earn your living!

Every one has his or her own core area of aptitude and interests. We all are born with some natural inclination to work. The most important thing in life is to realize that inclination. Some of us are lucky enough to realize one’s core area of interest from childhood days. If they pursue that, then success is achieved much faster.

Most of us have no clue of what we want out of life. Most people simply grow up, get themselves educated, look for jobs and then stick to whichever job opportunity comes their way, simply to make one’s living. Later on, the same job sucks and life starts becoming a burden. While they are working, their conscience keeps pricking them…“Hey this is not for what I am meant to be!” But they are unable to get out of their comfort zone and venture out in the direction of their interests. Thus the precious life is lost in the mundane, monotonous, boring work affair.

Imagine a life when you are going out for work with full energy and enthusiasm. Every day is exciting, exhilarating and fun filled just because you are working for your heart and not just for bread and butter. You actually feel that you are growing as you are accomplishing higher and higher milestones in you work. Your work always present you with newer and newer opportunities and sometimes challenges. You willingly go for them because you love working on them.

Such a fun filled work life is only possible when you follow your heart and do what you love to do; not which is dumped upon you by your circumstances. For that the most important thing is to identify what you really love to do and then plunge into it. That’s your highest calling in life! Only working on that will give you the highest and purest form of joy and you will be able to get more and more out of life!

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