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The New Improved Self Improvement Blog

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The Self Improvement Blog

The New Improved Self Improvement Blog

Welcome to the “New and Improved” Self Improvement Blog. It will take some time to convert to a newer look and a more expansive range of material related to Self Improvement so I wanted to give you a preview of things to come as we go forward.

A Long Overdue Face Lift

founder of The Self Improvement Blog

The blog was long overdue for a “face lift” and it is an operation that will be ongoing for some time to come. For one thing my hair has gone from brown to gray—not because of the blog but because I decided it was time to let it be what it really is. So I have gone from this  one taken in 2010 for the radio show to this in 2016:

Owner and editor of The Self Improvement Blog

This won’t by my “official” picture. Maybe I don’t even need one.

We’ll see how things go before we go camera crazy. The blog isn’t about me but I’m the one behind the scenes. I always like to know who the “behind-the-scenes” people are and thought you might, too.



We are adding two very big—and very important categories:

Improvement in Relationships

We have posted articles for these categories in the past but now they will have their own section.  We all want and/or need someone in our lives who love us. (Well, some say they don’t but they are the exception, not the rule). We will have some “expert” articles on love, romance and  relationships.

Financial Iimprovement

We will be talking more and more about finances for several reasons:

  • If you are hungry or can’t pay the rent you certainly won’t be interested in self improvement.
  • More and more of you are retiring and/or outliving your Social Security leaving you in “the gap.”
  • And more and more of you can’t make ends meet with you job and are looking for supplemental income

Other Stuff on “The Drawing Board”

We will be working with more video about all the facets of self improvement and I will try to keep you up-to-date about w hat’s trending.

We will be posting more “guest articles” and featuring people and books that can help you.

We will be doing more and more with the newsletter.

What I need from you

What I need from you is information about what you want. What would be most helpful for YOU. Use the contact form. I’m the only one who gets the information.


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About Vikram Anand

Vikram Anand
This is Vikram Anand; an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Digital Marketer and a Certified Life Coach for Personal Development. I love to share my thoughts and ideas on the topics of Self Improvement and How to be Successful in Life. Helping people to achieve their goals in life is my passion and I do so by way of my blog: http://masterkeystosuccess.com and conducting seminars and workshops.

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