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Surrendering to Higher Power

sunset-585334_1280When you are working in pursuit of your goals, one thing I personally believe is that you never had and will never have control over majority of the events in your life. There may be difference of opinion over the existence of destiny. It’s true that Law of Attraction, which I have talked about immensely in my blog, does exists and invariably works in our lives. Apart from that, the fact remains that our lives are so interconnected and intertwined that over many things that would happen to us, we would not have control.

Especially in such situations, when our best of the plans appear to fail, I suggest, you need to resurrect and reinforce your faith in Almighty. Irrespective of what religion you follow, which God you believe in; you have to recognise His presence and influence in your life. You also need to acknowledge the fact that your life, your destiny; apart from being in your hands, is also controlled by the Supreme Power. Hence it is important to recall Him often and keep reminded of the good things that He has blessed you with.

There are times, when things would not manifest as per your expectations and plans. That time, instead of feeling low, you have to ask Him for strength. Remember that faith has tremendous power. I believe it is the best antidote for despair and depression. When times are going good, one may not remember God or the Supreme Governing Power. But only when the times are bad and beyond control, we realize the fact that ‘you are the master of your destiny’ is an understatement. You have to acknowledge His power governing your life and hence surrender to His will, with strong belief that He will be there to take care of your life in the best possible way. You may not understand it prima facie. But there is always a reason and logic behind every occurrence in your life. You may practice Law of Attraction, but at the same time, you have to surrender to that Higher logic.

I strongly believe that the Old Testament, ‘Man proposes, God disposes’ holds true in all ages. Nevertheless you keep striving hard to achieve your goals; you also must surrender to His will. You must work in the light of yet another Old Testament, ‘God helps those who help themselves!’  As rightly said in Bible, “Faith as small as a mole can move mountains!” So if you work towards your goals with unflinching faith that the Supreme Power is guiding you and protecting your dream, then one day that dream of yours would surely stand on the platform of reality!

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