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Success=sum of small efforts repeated daily

success-small effortsNone of the worthwhile success stories have happened over night. Anyone standing on the pedestal of success will vouch that it took him/her several years of continuous hard work before he/she could taste the fruits of success.

Essential thing to understand here is, what you want to achieve requires continuous efforts from your side. It is said that journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. However, once the journey is started, you need to continue taking the baby steps. It should become your daily routine habit to work towards your goals.

So what is the essential ingredient to keep you motivated for making continuous small efforts? I believe it’s your purpose to achieve your goals. Hence it is important to discover your purpose in life! Purpose is actually the master key to your success.

In addition to finding your life’s purpose, you need to continuously remind yourself of that. Understanding the fact that our mind gets distracted time and again, you need to devise a plan to remind yourself of your life’s purpose and your goals. Continuous reminders will cast an impression on your mind and spark off the necessary self motivation to get you going. This will also help to refrain yourself from avoiding distractions.

Thus with your purpose right in front of your eyes, you’ll get the necessary fuel to keep the fire burning. Then you’ll be able to repeat those small steps necessary to move towards your goals. One fine day, you’ll find yourself standing on the mountain of success and touching the sky of glory.

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