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Success or failure-It’s all in your mind

Whether you want to have success or failure in life; the choice depends on you. To make that choice is all in your mind. Thus, what you decide in your mind is actually materialized in your life.

Psychology proves that our mind works on images. That’s why Law of Attraction emphasizes so much on the power of visualization. To be successful it is important to visualize the situation of that success in your mind first. And it needs to be done without any cloud of doubts and fears. All the ‘what ifs’ needs to be eliminated and only those things that you want, needs to be imagined with utmost purity. Remember that negative thinking leads to accumulation of impurities in your mind. This in turn becomes greatest impediments to your success.

Will smith in one of his interview has said, “The moment I decide in my mind about success, then it is already achieved. I just have to work to make it real!” 

It is indeed a powerful thought and it is also the greatest fact about the power of human potential. We are all born with tremendous potential to achieve anything that we desire. All the super achievers who have created history with their achievements have proved this point that, “When the resolution of your mind is strong, nothing in the world is impossible to achieve!”

So why to live a mediocre life when you can be anything that you want to be and can have anything that your heart desires! You simply need to believe in the power of your mind and start using it. Your mind simply gives you two roads. One going towards success and other towards failure. The choice lies with you.

Check out this highly inspiring video of Will Smith’s interview:

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