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Secret behind The Secret

secretThe Secret is a life transforming documentary. It unveils one of the greatest law of the Universe called The Law of Attraction.

People read The Secret by Rhonda Bryne or watch the documentary and feel inspired to try out the Law of Attraction.

Most fail primarily because they misunderstand and misintrepret the Law.

It’s not just about believing, visualizing and emotionalizing about your wishes and desires as per the principles of the Law.

You got to implement these principles in a right way. For that you got to first clearly know what you exactly want in life. You have to zero in your focus on that.

Next thing is you cannot remain a passive believer. You got to start acting on the prerequisites for manifesting your wishes. And above all keep patience. Your beliefs are tested by the universe and once universe is convinced then the actual physical manifestations begin to happen .

There are countless literature on Law of Attraction. You got to choose the right ones. Ofcourse you can very well start with The Secret. But that’s not all. You got to know more to cultivate the right approach towards inplementing the Law of Attraction.

Passion, perseverance and patience are core ingredients of Law of Attraction.

Fact remains that the Law works,  no matter what!

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