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When it comes to finding the right motivation for success, you must get hooked to authentic inspirational resources. Here you will find some of the best collection of books and other resources to help you stay motivated during the journey on your road to success!

Recommended for reference:

how to focus your mind

How to focus your mind

How many times have you tried to focus on a task, read, study or meditate, only to find that your mind is wandering? Change this situation by learning to focus your mind and improve your concentration.


emotional detachment for a better life

Emotional Detachment for a Better Life

Do you take everything too personally? Do your moods go up and down often? Can an insignificant incident destroy your whole day? Are you easily affected by what people say or think about you? Do you allow people and situations to affect your moods and behaviour?

If this has been the problem in your life, then the good news is you can change this situation and live a better life by emotional detachment.


peace of mind in daily life

Peace of Mind in Daily Life

Discover how you can quiet the chatter of your mind, attain peace of mind and happiness, overcome anxiety, stress, worries and negative thinking!



will power and self discipline

Will Power and Self Discipline

A complete training manual, with powerful techniques and exercises for developing will power, self discipline, assertiveness and inner strength. Referring this manual you can overcome laziness, procrastination, lack of decisiveness and other negative habits.


affirmations words with power

Affirmations-Words with Power

What you constantly repeat in your mind turns into reality!

Find out how you can reprogram your subconscious mind using positive affirmations, activate its power and start attracting happiness and success in your life!


visualize and achieve

Visualize and Achieve

Discover how creative visualization and the power of your thoughts make your dreams and goals come true!



101 motivational tips for success

101 Motivational Tips for Success

This manual contains wealth of motivational tips to improve every area of your life.
Every time you read these tips, you’ll get more inspiration, motivation and insight into the process if achieving success.