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Re-engineering your mind-part I

Do you know that you can actually reprogram your mind to get what you want in life, just like you upgrade the software of your computer? Your mind is actually like a software running programs after programs. These programs are translated into your thoughts followed by your actions. Your actions ultimately determine your destiny.

If you are not happy with your life that means there is a bug in your mental programming. You are not living the way you always wanted that means you have not been taking the right actions to get desired results.

Now to get into the process of having desired results so that you always start getting what you actually desire, you need to reprogram your mind. We call it re-engineering of mind.

Let’s look at what does this concept mean and how to work it out.

Reprogramming your mind means changing your basic thinking pattern. It’s a tough task to break free from the hard wired thought pattern for which you have been accustomed to act and behave. To begin with mental reprogramming, the first step is to be ready for it. Next is you need to zero in on the kind of new thinking process that you need to develop. You would require to do lot of study of those people who are already in that plane. Your observation, contemplation should be followed by actions.

Initially, overcoming that inertia of old thinking to adopt to renewed thinking pattern would be a difficult ball game. You would be uncomfortable. You may be under stress. But when you continue to make efforts over and over again, you’ll soon start observing a change over in your behaviour. You would get the confidence for acting as per your renewed thinking pattern. The results that you would get would be fascinating too. You’ll be happier and more satisfied with your life. Consequently, your life as a whole would adopt to the change. You’ll notice that everything around you, be it your circumstances, people in your life etc. will undergo a positive change and you will ultimately start living your life in true sense!

I will be talking more on this subject in my next post.

To be continued……

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