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Purity of Heart-Best Way to Manifest LoA

heart-805551_1280There are volumes available on the working of Law of Attraction. However the best way to manifest LoA is by way of purity of heart!

The basic idea about the Law is that it works by drawing energies from the universe into your life. You can empower your subconscious by way of affirmations and visualizations. Then the next step is to believe in what you are dreaming of, as if it has already been manifested. It may be money, health, love etc. Slowly the universe will create certain events which will lead you to experience them in your real life. Here the only thing to understand is that you should be motivated enough to take actions. Here also the universe will give you the leads and the right directions.

When we talk about working with the Law of Attraction, no practice is more effective than maintaining the purity of heart. By that I mean having no grudges or selfish intensions or malicious attitude towards anyone. You need to have the attitude of gratitude towards life. And your actions should be in sync with your thoughts. Most important, you need to have unflinching faith in your own beliefs. When you do that, the vibrations from your feelings become so pure and strong that Universe paves the way to manifest whatever you dream of.

Now the biggest question is how to develop the purity of heart? People might misunderstand this and believe that by way of meditation, you can achieve it. No doubt meditation is helpful, but purity should be translated in day to day activities at the thought levels. So you need to realize it at the deepest level so that you don’t have to force yourself. Let this feeling come naturally.

Here are the 5 ways to achieve purity of heart:

  1. Be grateful for the things you have in life. Keep reminding yourself about them
  2. Always stay positive irrespective of the circumstances
  3. Always think good about others no matter how much they have been bad towards you
  4. Do not keep any baggage of vengeance, anger, hatred or any other negative emotions
  5. Fill your heart with love. Keep loving and blessing everyone in your life and those who come in your way

Once you adopt and follow these basic 5 ways, you will realize that your heart has turned purer. Soon the energies emanating from your mind will be strong enough to manifest what you want in life. As rightly quoted in The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo, “If you dream with all your heart, the whole universe conspires in your favour!” And the Universe works even more in your favour when your heart is pure and full of love!

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