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Positive thinking and actions gives positive results

Here is your fundamental success formula: Positive thinking+actions=Positive Results!

It goes without saying that positive thinking alone cannot produce results. That way any results whether positive, negative and neutral depends on your actions. No doubt, thinking is a precursor to the action. What you do, the way you do, always depends on the way you think. The results you achieve also depends on the actions you perform.

There may be other factors like the environmental influence etc. which may affect the results. But the chain of thoughts–actions–results invariably remains the central thread.

Many people complain of not being able to achieve positive results, despite being positive. That aggravates their unhappiness. My observation is, if you do not achieve positive results with your actions, it only means the negative environmental influence is stronger than your positive actions or your actions are not sufficient enough to drive you towards the desired results.

Then you are faced with a choice: Whether to accept defeat or enhance your positive actions, so that you win over your road blocks and achieve success!

The process is quite parallel to the closed loop feedback system used in many of the logic programs:


If you do not achieve results, you have to step up your actions and for that you need to empower your thoughts. It calls for your patience and perseverance. But if you do your actions with consistency and determination; you’ll be able to get the results of your choice and you can enjoy the fruits of your success!

So the essential thing to remember is that, to get positive results, never give up on your actions. To fuel your actions, you need to keep on empowering your thoughts. There’s an inherent feeling of satisfaction in this struggle and when you finally get what you want, then the experience of happiness is phenomenal!

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