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New Year Resolutions for Success

The year 2014 has ended. For some it must have been a good year for others bad. But irrespective of how the last year had been, what each one really expects now is that the new year 2015 must be  filled with good and positive events. There should be more opportunities than mishaps. There should be more successes than failures.

Some of the things that bring success are in our control while most of them are not. We cannot predict everything. But at least those things where we can exercise our control, lets make a resolution to make the best use of them.

Each one of us has a unique vision for his/her own life. To translate that vision into reality one needs to put in some efforts. Depending upon what your goal is, you have to plan for those efforts and necessary actions to achieve those goals. Things which are not in your control, you don’t have to worry about that. Because the more you worry about those things, the more demotivated you become to pursue your goals. So the best thing is, to set your goals and keep trying your best step by step to achieve them.

Now the very important thing at the beginning of a new year is to set up resolutions. Setting them up is easy, the difficult part is to consistently work to stick to your resolutions and follow them every single day.

Now that another new year has dawned into our lives, lets make a strong resolution of the mind first. Before you set up any resolution for the year, lets have one strong resolution to prepare your mind to help you follow any of the resolution.

We have to remember that whether success or failure, everything is there in your mind. You got to bring your mind under your control before you can even think of achieving success in life. Only with the control of your mind you can bring more and more things under your control.

Next, you can pen down all those things that you really want to have in your life. Whatever it takes to get them, you need to make a program to work on. Then you make a schedule of the things that you consistently need to do to execute that program.

This is how you need to plan for setting up your resolutions. After all the efforts that you would be taking for observing your resolutions should be worth it!

So lets wish each other Happy New Year 2015 with  a commitment to make this year truly wonderful and successful!

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