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Love versus fear

love vs fear1When you are on a road to success, the greatest impediment is fear. Only when you can overcome your fears, you’ll be able to achieve success in life!

What is fear? I feel it is the absence of courage. Courage makes you strong while fear weakens your spirit. The biggest fear that stops you from taking initiatives is fear of failures. The most dreaded question is, “What if I fail?” Most people are not able to think and act beyond this question. That’s why they stay in their ‘comfort zone’ for the rest of their lives and hence fail to progress.

Then there is another fear, “What if I succeed and I can’t handle it?” Some people are sure of their success but are not sure whether they would be able to handle that. Hence they remain satisfied with what they have in life.

Ultimately it’s a matter of choice for you whether to go in the direction of love or fear! Fact is, not everyone gets the platform to do what they love to do professionally. Most people have number of barriers in their lives. But fact remains that most of the successful people emerged from this category. They had so much of commitment for the fields of their love that they could beat any odds to emerge victorious. If these great achievers had accepted fears, then they never would have created history.

We can learn one basic moral from the life stories of all successful people. When you love to do something, just do it! Do not let even an iota of the fear of failure enter into your mind. Simply keep following your heart. One fine day when you will be standing on the pedestal of success crushing and defeating all your fears, then the world will applaud for you!

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