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Learning from Will Smith’s secrets of success

will smithWho doesn’t know Will Smith?

Apart from being the world famous Hollywood star, he is extremely good motivational speaker. His philosophy of success is highly commendable and worth emulating. It’s worth tons of inspiration!

For those who are on the road to greatness, I strongly recommend you to see Will Smith’s motivational video and learn from his secrets of success:


In this video Will talks about some of the essential keys to success as he, so enthusiastically shares his wisdom on life as follows:

 1. You have to love your life. It’s some thing that you can’t fake, so why not to love and enjoy it!

2.  Greatness is not illusory God like quality. It exists in all of us.

3. You must have a strong belief about yourself. You should be able to say confidently, “This is who I am and I am ready to die for it.”

4. Things are pretty simple. But we make them complex

5. It doesn’t matter where we come from; where we want to go matters the most.

6. There is a difference between talent and skills. Talent comes naturally, but skill comes after hours and hours of practicing on your craft. No matter how talented you are, but there is no shortcut to success

7. Any success happens exactly the same way as laying one brick at a time to build a wall

8. You need to focus on making a difference. As Will Smith rightly quotes, “If you are not making someone’s life better, then simply you are wasting your time!”

9. You must believe that you can create whatever you want to create

10. You must believe in your ideas before anyone else. Only then you will be able to make a difference

11. Nothing is unrealistic. If you believe that you can make something happen, then it will happen come what may!

12. Our thoughts are so much real and physical. Once we decide and make a choice to do something, then Universe will give us a way to make that happen

13. You must focus on things with all your heart to make them materialize

14. Don’t be affected by fears; instead use them as motivation to push yourself

15. Do not be afraid of sticking to your truths

16. You must protect your dream. People may try to discourage you. But you should never get carried away by any discouragement and give up your dreams.

I think these words of wisdom are universally applicable for anyone who is on the path of greatness. Now the important point is making a choice. Once you make a choice to apply them in your life and then act on it, then as rightly said by Will Smith, the universe will make things work for you!

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