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Journaling-Best way to track your efforts

For those who are following Robin Sharma and read his books, you would recall that Robin Sharma has been emphasizing on the importance of maintaining the journal of your activities on a regular basis. He has been reiterating its importance right from his first book, The Monk who sold his Ferrari.

Easier it may seem, but it is really difficult to maintain this habit. However once you get into this wonderful habit, it will help you to organize and streamline your life in the direction of your goals.

It is said that written commitments are 10 times more powerful than verbal ones. You may talk about many goals; but unless you list them down you cannot get serious with them. So the first step to do when writing your journal is to list down your goals on its front page. It will keep reminding you of them whenever you open your journal to keep a log of your daily events and efforts.

After you log your daily activities, give a minute to ponder over what you have done in the course of the day. Then you need to ask yourself; are your actions are in line with your goals? If they are not then you need to analyse where your energy is going. Are you utilizing your time judiciously? You will also be able to figure out your own time management.

In your journal, you may even pen down your plans and strategies. You need to prioritize your activities so that even those which are not directly related to your goals are also done comfortably.

When you start keeping your journal, you’ll able to realize a noticeable change in your lifestyle and attitude. You will also become more focused and a better time manager. All these will help you to make your life better, organized, more balanced and positive.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your pen and journal and initiate this life transforming habit of journaling today itself!

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