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Jesse Owens Facts and Motivation Lessons

Race-Jesse-Owens-factsThe recently released movie, Race is an excellent remainder to Jesse Owens facts, his life and the motivation that we can draw from him.

No doubt, his achievements in 1936 Olympics are history…. But what remains to be pondered over from Jesse Owens life is an unmatched example to stand as a motivation for us.

Here are the 5 lessons that we can learn through the example of Jesse Owens facts:

  1. High level of commitment to his passion: When Jesse realized his passion for athletics, he decided to go extra mile at the University of Ohio. Even though his family and financial constraints were his big roadblocks, he never let loose on his commitment
  2. Maintaining the love and support of his family: This I believe is the crucial element to leverage not just one’s success but also happiness and to have sense of fulfillment in life. He realized his mistake when he got distracted from his commitment to his wife and family; he immediately acted upon rectifying his mistake and won back the trust of Minnie Ruth. The unflinching love and support of his wife played an instrumental role in creating his records.
  3. Daring to go against the authorities’ injustice: When Jesse’s coach and mentor Larry Snyder was replaced by the Olympic committee, he dared to rebel against the authorities. He did not tolerate injustice against his coach and fought his way out to get his coach’s position reinstated.
  4. Never listen to the ‘noise’: It was the hardest of Jesse Owens facts that he had to go through many instances of humiliation and discrimination because of his skin colour. But he never let the noise get in the way of accomplishing his goals.
  5. Making challenging decisions: When Jesse Owens was asked by ‘his’ community not to participate in Berlin Olympics, initially he accepted it. It was indeed a very challenging decision for him. Throughout his life, he was preparing for Olympics and when the time had come to show his mettle, external forces started dominating his thoughts. But soon, he realized what he was supposed to do and finally decided to go against all those challenging external forces. Rest his history!

I believe legends like Jesse Owens are born not just to create history but teach valuable lessons to human race. It all remains up to us, how much we take from those lessons and apply them in our own race of life!

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