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Inspiring Story of Manjhi-The Mountain Man

manjhi for blogImagine someone from the lowest strata of the society, struggling single handedly for 22 years of his life to break a mountain and finally carving a road through it. That’s the inspiring story of Dashrath Manjhi-The Mountain Man!

I finished watching the movie-Manji-The Mountain Man depicting this highly inspiring tale of a poor man who lost his beloved wife because of the distance and time it took to take her to the town hospital from his village after she suffers injury falling from the mountain. Holding the mountain responsible for the death of his wife, he decides to wage a war against the mountain. Thus a formidable mission is born-to make a road out of the mountain.

Nobody supported Manjhi. In fact people ridiculed him for his insanely impossible act of cutting through the mountain. Amidst extreme poverty and facing every day mockery from the people of his village, he continued with his efforts. Even when the region faced famine, Manjhi refused to give up.  Every morning, he would start chipping the rocks. Thus many many years passed.  People slowly started noticing that Manjhi has cut a portion of the mountain. It caught the attention of people, but still nobody came to his support. Even Government’s allocation of fund for the construction of road through the mountain did not reach his hands. Yet nothing deterred Manjhi and he continued to take revenge with the mountain.

It took him 22 years to finally carve a road out of the mountain. Inspired by his efforts, other villages too joined hands to construct that  road followed by the Government agencies.

This biopic movie on the struggle of a poor man from the remotest village in India, carries tons of inspiration. Here are the 4 paramount lessons from the life of Manjhi:

  1. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your position in society is; if you continue to work towards your goals, you can achieve it one day…even if it takes single handed efforts.
  2. To achieve your goals you should not depend on others, but solely on your own vision, commitment and dedication
  3. Every small effort counts and contributes towards achieving your goal. Here you have to concentrate on your efforts rather than the mighty goal. To break a mountain would seemingly be an impossible task. But if you concentrate on hammering the stones that make up the mountain, you will gradually break through the mountain.
  4. Discover your inspiration. For Manjhi his inspiration to carry out this Herculean task was the deep love for his wife. When he lost her because of the mountain, his love for her served as his continuous inspiration to take on the challenge and ultimately cut a road through the mountain. So love undoubtedly is the greatest inspiration!

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