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Importance of focus in life

It is well said that if you want to be successful in life, then you got to be focused. I believe focus is the most instrumental part of success.

When you are focused all your energies are directed towards your goals. You are able to overcome all the hindrances, obstructions, distractions and concentrate only on what you want to achieve.

In the Indian mythology there is an interesting story. The great warrior Arjuna and his brothers were being coached by their guru Dronacharya. The guru hung a parrot on a tree near the bank of a river. The task was to strike the eye of the parrot with bow and arrow.

Everyone of his students was asked individually, “What do you see?” All the students said they saw the tree, its branches, leaves, river, sky etc. But when Arjuna was asked what did he see, the great warrior replied,”I see the eye of the parrot and nothing else.” The result was, only Arjuna was able to hit the eye of the parrot with utmost precision. That’s what is called being focused towards your goals!

No matter what your goals are in your life, before you set out to achieve them, you got to focus on them one at a time. When you have that clear focus of mind, then all other things like time management, organizing yourself, planning for the tasks etc would follow.

Lives of all successful people stand as a testimony for this fact that without having a clear focus in life, you cannot achieve anything worthwhile. Even if you may have the best of the resources, but without focus, its impossible to engage and utilize them.

figure-2026-06-02I remember that during the childhood we used to conduct one simple science experiment in the schools. We used to take a magnifying glass to concentrate the sun rays for burning a piece of paper.

The conclusion is, just by focusing the scattered sun rays when you can burn anything, so by concentrating your attention and being focused you can achieve anything in life!

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