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How to train your mind to attract what you desire

retrain-your-mind-for-successBefore we talk about training your mind, let us understand how the mind works. When you understand the working of your mind then you will be able to harness its power to attract what you want in life!

Everything in the physical universe is made up of vibrational energy. Just like the physical objects, our thoughts are also vibrations of energy. Although they seem to be non physical, but they have a strong influence on our physical universe.

Any thought that is repeated over and over in the conscious mind will take an imprint on your subconscious. Once that imprint is done, then the subconscious mind will start vibrating at a frequency and will start attracting to you, the people, the circumstances and the events to match with the images formed on your subconscious. Thus you have the power to attract the things that happen to you working with your thoughts.

One very interesting fact about the subconscious mind is it cannot tell you the difference between what is real and what is imagined. So you can imprint or program in your subconscious anything that you choose.

We read, hear and talk a lot about positive thinking. However, to attract what you desire, it is not enough to simply be positive. Your imagination of your desires should happen at subconscious level. Only then you can start attracting things. Surprisingly enough, it just takes 15 min of your day to transform your life, provided you are working at it regularly and religiously.

Another surprising thing to understand is, success has nothing to do with hard work. It has to do with your consciousness, your beliefs and your thoughts. In fact when you are working hard then there’s no quality life and you’ll not get quality ideas to transform your life. You need to have intuition to tap into your subconscious and get ideas. Interestingly, you cannot make your intuition work when you are working too hard.

Today there are so many opportunities to make money. So you really don’t need to have the belief that you need to work hard to be successful and make money. You need more of creative ideas and not hard work to lead you on the path of success.

It is also important to remember that all successful people have made their fortune by doing things they love to do. The greatest secret to success is to find something that you love to do. Then you’ll not just be successful, but you’ll also have lot of fun in your life. One of the most essential aspect of mind power is, you must know what you want before you can get it. The beautiful thing about human life is, you get to choose what you want!

Talking about attracting money; if you are worrying too much about making money then you are imprinting on your subconscious, the scarcity consciousness of money. Then your subconscious invariably starts attracting that situation. This way, you’ll never be able to get ahead financially no matter how much of hard work you do. If your beliefs about money is limiting then you’ll not manifest the money you deserve. The opposite is equally true. If you belief that you are a magnet to attract lot of money, so would be your reality. You only have to realize that your thoughts influence your reality; then you automatically start becoming conscious off your thinking pattern.

Another interesting fact about the working of human mind is; even if you do not believe something consciously, but still if you keep repeating your positive affirmations then soon it will form an imprint on your subconscious. Over a period of time, you’ll start manifesting them. So if you want money, then you must imprint prosperity conscious beliefs even if there is scarcity at present.

To create prosperity conscious beliefs, first step is to recognize prosperity everywhere around you. You have to believe that it’s an abundant universe waiting to reward you.

The basic principle of making money is, when you have a great product or service to offer, you can make a great deal of money. There are so many opportunities to make money today. But you need to find something that you feel good about.

Remember that repetition of your affirmations is the key to mind power. Enhancing your mind power doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes a day. But you have to do it religiously. Mind transformation doesn’t happen on its own. You need to put in conscious efforts by creating the vibrations of success that you want.

One good habit to cultivate is, you must start your day with a list of things that you are already successful and grateful about in your life. This would trigger your success vibrations.

When you practice visualizations, the key to remember is, you have to feel as it is happening now! You don’t even have to do it throughout the day. Just 15 min a day is enough for absorbing them in your subconscious mind. Over a period of time it will change your perspective and transform your life!

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