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How To Stay Motivated During Failures

focus650x375It’s a common aspect of human nature that when things working in your favour, it is easier to stay motivated and work towards your goals. However, the real challenge is, when circumstances are not in your favour. That time we tend to accept defeat and stop working towards our goals.

As an example, you would be once motivated to try out a new entrepreneurial idea. You continue to put in efforts as long as you believe that your idea would work.  If your efforts start bearing fruits then the motivation continues to stay. But if, even after your continual efforts you don’t get the results, then it becomes difficult to hold on to your motivation levels. This is the critical time in your pursuit towards your goals. Most people tend to give up during this phase.

Here are some tips to deal with such a challenge:

  1. Recall your goal: Number one thing that you need to do is to pull out that sheet of paper where you had penned down your goal with lot of energy and enthusiasm. Your motivation level must have been at its peak. Recall that time when you wanted to go for it, beating all odds.
  2. Recall the benefits of achieving your goal: Here I suggest you do another exercise. List down all the advantages and benefits that you would have enjoyed if you had achieved your goal. If your start up idea had worked, list out the benefits it would have given it to yourself, to your market.
  3. List down your attempts: Make a list of all the attempts you made in pursuit of your goal.
  4. Analyze the reason for failure: Understand that if your planned attempts did not work, then surely there must be a lacuna in your approach. May be you did not target the right market. May be your publicity campaign was not correct. List down all the probable reasons why your idea did not work.
  5. Did you put in enough efforts? Now this is the question you need to ask yourself. Have you done all that you need to do, to get success out of it? I am sure, you would convincingly say ‘no’.  If it did not work, you did not put in the right amount of efforts in the right direction. It took 10000 attempts for Edison to figure out how to light an electric bulb!
  6. Accept failure as a learning: Wisdom says that a failure is not a failure till the time you don’t accept it. For positive minded people, a failure is only a learning experience. Winners have always learned from their failures and arose out of them.
  7. Make your success story inspiring: It is well said, there is no shortcut to success! We hear of so many success stories. It never was easy for anyone to make it big from his/her idea, without facing challenges and failures. Imagine the joy you would get, when your idea bears fruits. Yours would be another success story to inspire people.
  8. Never Give UP! Make these three words your magic mantra. Then nothing will stop you from achieving your goals and success will be yours!!
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