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How to Hypnotize Yourself for Self Improvement

How-to-hypnotize-yourselfOf all the self improvement methods that I have experimented with, the best one is to identify your problem and learn how to hypnotize yourself to solve it.

There is a logical reasoning behind it. When we talk about hypnosis, we are dealing with our subconscious mind programming. And when we reprogram our subconscious mind, it invariably alters our thinking and perception. Thus it becomes quite easy to bring about an intrinsic positive change in your psychology and later on in your personality.

Let’s now understand how to hypnotize yourself to achieve self improvement.

  1. Figure out the area of your personality or psychology where you feel the need to improve yourself. Say for example, fear of public speaking… You may be fluent in your language, but when it comes to public speaking you feel nervous.
  2. Find a suitable self hypnosis program which will help you to address this area.
  3. After choosing the right self hypnosis program, you need to have a particular schedule to practice it. Generally using the program at the time of going to bed is ideal time to start working with it. But it all depends on your requirement and schedule.
  4. Keep the discipline of sticking to your schedule. Reprogramming your subconscious mind does not happen overnight. Patience and practice is the key to achieve the permanent desirable transformation in your thoughts, attitude and behaviour. When you choose your self hypnosis program, it will have the necessary information on the number of days you need to practice with it.
  5. After completing with the program, you need to test the results. For example, if you have finished with the self hypnosis program on overcoming fear of public speaking then you need to try it out with a surge of self belief and confidence (which would be ideally programmed in your brain by way of self hypnosis).

My personal experience says that it will definitely work if you try it out with dedication, consistency and the will to bring about a change.

I was suffering from constipation and IBS. Having tried with all the different allopathic and ayurvedic medicines, I was not getting permanent relief. Then I experimented with a self hypnosis program to Control IBS. In a few days time, I started getting good bowel movements and was finally relieved of my constipation problem.

So you see, self hypnosis works for both psychological and physical issues. Moreover the control of resolving those issues is completely in your hands!

I would recommend to learn how to hypnotize yourself to have a better control over your life!

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