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How to boost self confidence

How to Boost Self Confidence

There has always been questions and curiosity on how to boost self confidence. There are many ways for building confidence. You have to choose which one is the best.

Recently I got an opportunity to watch a presentation of Dr. Robert Anthony-the world renowned motivational speaker. The presentation was on ‘How to boost self confidence’? I thought some of the points in the presentation are worth sharing. Here are the insights of his presentation on building self confidence.

Everybody is dealing with different problems and issues in life. These problems tend to limit us from going ahead. Gradually we tend to develop self sabotaging mindset and it is manifested into lack of self confidence. It becomes difficult to get ahead in life with this feeling. So you have to control this feeling of lack of self confidence before it starts controlling you.

Life is all about control. It is not about how many people, how much money etc. you control. It is all about how you control your consistent thoughts and emotions. Now the question arises how to actually do that as at most times, our thoughts seem uncontrollable.

You can develop a good amount of control over your thoughts once you develop a thinking pattern. Here is a formula to help you develop that pattern:


If you observe and analyze, each one of us is living on either side of the formula. That means either you are the cause of the things that happen in your life or you are playing a victim. When you think that you are on EFFECT side then you’ll believe that life just happens to you. You become a slave of your own thoughts and emotions. It is quite easy to identify these people because they usually keep complaining and playing as victims. They always blame others for the situations they are in. They always want others to change so that their lives can change.

On the other hand, people who are on the CAUSE side of the equation, do not waste their time in complaining like victims. They take actions to change the situation, because they own the fact that they have created that situation. On the CAUSE side, you are self confident creator of situations; taking full responsibility for everything in life. If terrible things happen, you know that you haven’t created it. But you can certainly control your reactions towards it. If you let the reaction control you then you put yourself on the EFFECT side of the equation.

Being on CAUSE side doesn’t mean feeling guilty about what you have attracted to yourself. It means taking ownership.

Remember that every time you blame something or someone, you start getting weaker and weaker.

The answer for how to boost your self confidence, is all about being on the CAUSE side of the equation.

Recalling once again that, CAUSE > EFFECT.

So if you change the CAUSE, you automatically change the EFFECT.

If things go wrong then you can take control and react in a way that benefits you. Once you accept that you are the cause, you’ll have full control over the effects in your life!

Your self confidence will soar making your life simpler and easier.

You can try this formula for positive and amazing results for building confidence.

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