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Greatest Key to Achieve Your Goal

master key to successWhile I was reading the book Creativity-The Perfect Crime by Philippe Petit, I discovered the greatest of all keys to achieve your goal-The Master Key!

Ever since I saw the movie-The Walk based on the exhilarating true life story of French High wire artist Philippe Petit and his breath taking attempt of successfully walking on the high wire between New York’s twin towers, I became his diehard fan! I have gone through countless articles and videos on Philippe Petit to understand his level of insanity. I used to wonder how anyone can be so crazy that he hangs a wire between the tallest towers of the world and walks over it! (His feat is dated August 7, 1974. Today unfortunately those Twin Towers are no more).

To find my answers I ordered one of his book titled ‘Creativity-The Perfect Crime’.  My curiosities started getting answered, the moment I opened the book only to see the first chapter as a blank page!

Thereafter I have been reading his book very patiently. Today as I am nearing the end of the book, one of his thought provoking quote struck me so much that I immediately discontinued reading. I wanted to capture those thoughts and imbibe them in my blood. Here are the lines:

“From when I was young, the building of the great pyramids of Egypt fascinated me. I knew they were made of huge blocks of stone too heavy for me to move. But part of a block, a small rock, I could hold in my cupped hands. And I could see how that rock is composed of grains of sand, is it not? And a pinch of sand I can impose my will upon- Can I not? That morsel I can displace and dispose of as I wish. I can even blow it away and force it to fly!

From then on, whenever a task of gargantuan proportions arises in front of me, I do not dwell upon its magnitude. I immediately break it into tiny parts that make my goal manageable. (On the high wire, this process is inescapable because one step at a time is must!) In this way, the impossible becomes nothing more than a prodigious collection of minute fistfuls of possibilities, a series of steps, pieces of puzzles awaiting assembly.

Not overwhelming in the least – in fact, promising playfulness!”

I believe THIS IS the Master Key to Success! To have a goal (no matter how big it is) and then break it down into smaller goals. Next, take small and consistent steps to achieve each small goal at a time.

The magnitude of your ultimate goal could be over whelming. But achieving the smaller goals within your reach will motivate and prepare you for that bigger goal. The point is to get started and keep walking!

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