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Enhancing Self Control for Better Focus


It is a proven fact that your level of self control directly affects your focus. So if you feel that you are having hard time getting what you want in life, then you need to check the self control of your thoughts and actions. When you have a control over your thoughts and actions, you invariably have greater control over your destiny.

The world around is full of distractions. In addition we are bound to handle multiple responsibilities. In the course of the day we have interactions with large number of people. In addition to the interruptions and disturbances of the physical world, we are equally distracted due to our involvement with the virtual world. Emails, Chats, interactions on social media consume a large amount if our time and attention.  Because of all these interactions, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain our focus.

These are the principal reasons why there are so much of confusions and confrontations happening in our lives today.  They create tremendous negative effect leading to lack of balance in life. Focus on the goals is lost and one has to face multiple setbacks in life.

To avoid these consequences and to live a balanced life, you have to leverage your self control. However it is easier said than done. But if you consciously try, then with time and practice, you can have better self control and greater focus.

Here are the few tips to do that:

  1. Practicing speaking less: Speaking is one activity that consumes lot of our energy and time. When we interact, most of the time we engage in casual discussions. So if we control our over speaking habit, by talking only when it is required, helps to control our energies and also avoid distractions
  2. Observing your breath: This is a good practice to keep your over reactions under control. It will help to maintain your mental calmness and control. By observing your breath, you can get better awareness of your situation. You can understand things better and make better decisions
  3. Intellectual discussions: Most of the time we are engaged in gossips. But if you start having intellectual discussions with people serious in life, your wisdom will increase and there will be much clarity on what’s happening in your life. You need to network with people who are deep thinkers and visionaries. Like it is said, “Man is known by the company he keeps”, you will start having positive influence of their companies and consequently your life will undergo positive change.
  4. Reading inspirational books: Books are your best friends when it comes to taking self transformational initiatives. Reading inspirational books will make you realise the importance of your life’s every moment. Hence you would feel inspired to adopt disciplined and focused approach in life. Robin Sharma’s books are highly recommended for that.
  5. Maintaining a journal: Once you get on this exercise of practicing self control, you need to start maintaining a journal of activities which you intend to control. Writing will help to bring more focus and you will be able to measure your progress.

Practicing these methods consistently over a period of time, you can positively start having a balanced and quality life.

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