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Discipline your emotions

emotions-401406_640We all have emotions. But when they get in the way of achieving your goals then it becomes a problem. 

Emotions can be of love, hatred, anger, passion, aversion etc. When controlled they can be very powerful and drive us to victory. However, if they go unchecked and uncontrolled then we get driven by them. Getting driven by emotions in an uncontrolled manner is like getting into a whirlpool. Sooner or later that whirlpool of emotions will swallow you.

Now the question is how to have control over your emotions? Well the fact remains that we are all human beings. Sometimes when things are out of control, emotions do shoot up. Sometimes it is important to let go of your emotions so that you are relieved from the pain of non expression of those emotions.

But when you find that your emotions are becoming your distractions and hurdle in the path of your success, that’s where you need to start thinking rationally. You need to apply some brake to control your emotions. That’s where you need to discipline your emotions so that YOU gain control over your emotions rather than your emotions gaining control over you.

Now what exactly does it mean by disciplining your emotions? Here I would like to emphasize that each one of us follow different thinking patterns. We mold our own emotions so they start becoming the dominant part of our personality. Being disciplined in your emotions means consciously building up an emotional store so that your reactions to the situations in life should work out in your favor majority of the times.

For that, here is a small exercise. For the next couple of days, observe your reactions to various situations. Refer to the list of your goals while you are carrying out this exercise. Now analyze how your reactions would have affected your progress towards your goals if you had reacted in a different and more positive manner. Then start adopting those new ways of reactions. Let that become your habit. As you continue doing this exercise you will realize that your reactions arising out of your emotions have started working in your favor and that would bring you closer to success.

Initially you may start in a small way. But in the long run, you’ll observe an appreciable difference in the way you are handling your situations. This will eventually have a positive impact on your life and it would become much easier for you to achieve success.

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