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Defeat the ‘defeat’

The highly inspiring video “Defeat the defeat” of Bollywood film star Hrithik Roshan amazingly conveys the sentiments and mindset of ‘Man on a mission’. It also emphatically conveys what the ‘fighting spirit’ is all about when you are set to win. Check out this amazing video:

Although the video showcases the bodybuilding efforts of the actor, but there is more to that. It talks about the spirit of a goal oriented person who is always ready to go that extra mile to achieve his goals even if there are temporary setbacks. What is truly said in this video is that defeat is not even a real thing. It’s an illusion. It’s the demon created in the mind which eats your spirit. You need to push hard to throw this demon out of your mind before your could throw it out of your life.

Like wise is the thoughts and feelings of doubts and fear. They aren’t real. Your mind makes them real. Only when you face your fears, you will understand that they mean nothing because they are nothing! It is rightly said in this video; before you can conquer the Everest, you need to conquer the mountain of doubts in your mind.

Same thing goes for pain. As talked about in my earlier post, pain endured while you are moving in the direction of your goals, is an indication that you are getting closer. So never be afraid of that pain. Only when you have experienced the pain, you’ll know the price of victory.

Lastly, no matter how tough the situation gets, if you face it with ‘never give up’ spirit, then nothing can stand in your way and you will get what you want in life.

Thus, when you are able to defeat every single thought that pulls you down, then you have conquered your fears and thus the defeat itself!

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