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Cut the crap

If you really want to get successful in life, then you need to cut the crap! You might wonder what does it actually mean to cut the crap? Well, it’s quite simple! Cutting the crap means giving up all the unnecessary thoughts and actions which have no role to play in accomplishment of your goals.

We are all involved in many activities throughout the day. But not all actions are conducive to the your success. In fact if you analyze your day’s schedule you’ll conclude that most of the actions that consume your time, energy and most often money do not help you in getting what you want in life. On the contrary they act as distractions and make you lose your focus.

When you feel that you are too much into those crappy things, it’s time to stop by and retrospect. You may ponder over questions like, what is it happening in my life? Is this what I want in life? Am I getting closer to my goals or farther away from them? Am I really enjoying what I am doing in my life? Am I controlling my life or my life is controlling me? Am I really happy?

When you start seeking out answers to these questions, you’ll soon realize the quantum of crap in your life. Next step is to make efforts to get out of it.

The best way for that is to keep your goals in front of you and identify the efforts required to work achieve them. Then you’ll have to give special attention to make those efforts; even if they are your baby steps. You also need to be consistent towards making those efforts. You need to establish a self system by way of which you invariably start working towards your goals. You need to incorporate those efforts in your schedule. Gradually you will be able to come out of the crap, move towards your goals and soon achieve success in your field.

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