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Cultivating Passion To Do Something Unique


“The Walk”, based on the true life events of the high wire artist Philippe Petit, is an astounding example of human spirit to achieve the impossible. As I was watching the movie, I realized one thing…No obstacle is big enough to overcome when it’s done with valour and spirit.

It’s interesting how some people gather courage to take up tasks which are considered impossible in the eyes of the masses. These are the people who make history with their endeavours. These are the people who are hooked up to their goals with laser like focus that nothing; absolutely nothing; and no amount of discouragement can move them away from their goal.

There are examples like Philippe Petit who stand to inspire the humanity. I strongly believe that this invincible spark of passion to do something unique exists in all of us. Most of us never spare a moment to recognize it. Even if it is recognized, we do not intend to cultivate it further. That way glorious moments of human achievements are lost in vain.

Nevertheless, once you have discovered your incessant passion for doing something unique, it’s your moral responsibility to nurture it, and help it grow. There will be naysayers in your life who would discourage you; telling you that your ideas are impractical or impossible. But it’s not they, but you, who needs to decide and believe what is possible. If you continue to keep the staunch belief in your ideas and plan, and act on them, then one day world will see the results of your belief and actions.

Nobody believed when Wright Brothers announced their ideas to create a ‘flying machine’. But they always had firm belief in their idea. Because of that, they have brought the world so much closer. So it’s not just important to see what others don’t see, but also have strong belief in what you see. However it’s only your actions which can give you tangible results. So no matter what your dream is, you must necessarily take actions, starting with smaller steps.

Then you also need to have people around you, who would believe in your ideas. Just like Philippe Petit did; make these supporters as your ‘accomplices’ in your plans.

Apart from all these, you need to keep a deadline to your goal. You cannot keep dreaming of something without finalizing on certain time frame to accomplish the goal.

Thus ‘The Walk’ is a compelling motivational tale of a man of spirits. Just like me, whoever watches the film would stand to feel inspired to dream, act and achieve his/her goals in life.

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