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Contribution to Society- An Essential Key to Success

contribution-to-society-key-to-successBefore we talk about being successful in life, it is essential to be focused on being a better human being and offering your contribution to the society.

We all want to be successful to get the sense of fulfillment and feeling of happiness. You can do whatever thinking, planning and actions are necessary to achieve your goals. But if those thoughts and actions are not guided with a sense of higher purpose, then you might end up losing your way.

Most people ask how to discover that higher purpose? And it is a very logic question. To find the answer, you really have to dig deeper. You really have to understand, why you are doing what you are doing and what you intend to do.

The next important question is how can your actions and achievement of your goals become your contribution to society. If you think that your success is only going to affect your life, then it’s a big mistake. When you are successful, it has a direct and indirect effect on your community. When you are defining success then this aspect needs to be observed. You need to ponder over how much of your efforts are benefiting humanity. It could be in any field, may be arts, science, business, entertainment, sports etc. The more your contribution, the more is your success level.

When you have this aspect in your mind then your success humbles you. You remain grounded and your life becomes a legacy. Your contribution to society is aptly rewarded.

There are examples where slight amount of success makes people feel proud of themselves. As the old saying goes, “Pride always has a fall”. You may have the feeling of pride in your efforts, but if your achievements make you feel so, then you will become complacent and will stop growing.

So the secret to perpetual success and having that sense of fulfillment is the belief that you have to grow only with the humble ambition of offering contribution to the society in the field of your interest. You can even take that expertise in your field to the next level with your efforts. Thus the bar is raised and you are rewarded for your excellence and remembered for your contribution. That is true success!

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