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Butterfly Effect and Success in Life


The Butterfly Effect is an interesting concept of physics which has real life ramifications too. It essentially means that a small event at one place (like fluttering of the wings of a butterfly) can lead to another event much larger in dimensions and proportions in other place (like occurrence of a hurricane).

If we look at our lives, we can understand that whatever situations we are in today has been the result of past events, and our actions. As thoughts precede our actions, it’s the decisions made by us which results in our actions. And whatever actions we take, we get our fruits accordingly. That’s also called the Law of Karma.

So what has this philosophy to do with our success in life? I would say everything!

If you are successful today, then it is definitely the fruits of your right decisions and actions. But if you are not then surely your past actions or inactions are responsible for it. You may say that the past events were not in your control. Certainly many things happen to us for which we are not responsible. But the way you react to the situations determines your actions and your actions in turn determine your destiny!

So if you are not as successful as you wanted to be, then you simply need to look into your past. Analyse and understand how you got where you are today. Then next thing is what you could have differently so that you could have been in better place. Make a list of what you would have achieved today and what actions you now feel you should have taken so that your ideal life would have been materialized.

As thoughts always precede actions, you need to analyze your thought pattern at present and what it was before. Imagine, if you have had the corrected thought patterns in the past, surely your actions would have been more result oriented and you would have been more successful today.

But better late than never! Now that you have realised what your thought pattern should have been to give you your ideal life, you have to look at your life forward with the renewed thought process. Accordingly you have to plan your actions so that the future projections of your results are as per your desires.

You also need to know what things are under your control and what are not. You need to focus on things which are in your control but also control your reactions when faced with things which are not in your control. This will help you to achieve perfect balance and you will be able to take appropriate steps to realise your dream life.

You also need to understand that change doesn’t happen overnight. You have to make consistent efforts  towards what you want in life.

Over a period of time, by virtue of butterfly effect you will start getting positive results as per your desires.


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