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Being Limitless

being limitlessI was watching this movie “Limitless”. The concept of the film is that, the male protagonist who has been a loser in life, gets a pill which makes his brain work with 100 % capacity. Then what follows is a miraculous transformation in his life and rags to riches story in shortest time.

This gave me some food for my thought. Even Albert Einstein is said to have used only 4% of his brain capacity. That means people in ordinary walks of life are using their brain to so much less capacity. Imagine, what if you would get a pill like that in the movie; when you’ll be using 100% of your mental capacity, then sky will be a limit for you. You’ll actually be limitless!

But we know that in reality no such pill exists. However, there are ways to boost up your mental capacity. The first essential step to do that, is to acknowledge the fact that your own mind’s capacity is underutilized. Next is to believe that you can do much more that what you have been doing so far and get far greater results. You don’t have to force your mind to think better and faster. You simply need to accept the fact that you are capable of doing much more and getting much more in life. This thought process will break the self imposed limits of your mind and then the magic will start happening.

Much of our actions depend on the preconditioned state of our minds. Ever since childhood we have been conditioned for limited thinking. But the real glory of human life is when we break free from these limits. That’s when success stories happen and human civilization takes a leap to next level.

Believe that you are born with limitless capacity and capability to transcend all physical and mental limits. There are no borders, but only possibilities and opportunities. When you adopt to this belief and start working on it, then you’ll discover that impossible is nothing!!

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