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Beating the Matrix of Illusions


The world is primarily an illusion. It tends to impose limitations on your abilities. To beat this illusion is to discover right opportunities to excel in life.

Remember the Sci-fi movie The Matrix? Neo, a computer hacker is caught in the web of illusions, when Morpheus and team make him realise his true potential. And once he is awakened to his true potential, he overrides all his physical and mental limitations to emerge as The One!

In reality we are all like Neo, caught up in the web of worldly illusions. We assume that we were destined to live only in a particular way. If there are negative developments, then we start blaming on God, destiny, people and circumstances. But fact remains that the events in our lives are grossly influenced by the way we handle the illusions.  This also determines the level of control you have over your life.

You may be facing several limitations to live your dream life today. Believe it or not most of these limitations are fallacies of your mind. They exist because your mind has not only created these images of limitations but accepted them as part and parcel of your life. These limitations make you play as victim of life.

Now if you want to overcome these limitations, then the process should begin in your mind first. Your subconscious needs to accept the fact that all the restrictions that you are experiencing in your life are not your true reality. You are only caught up with the matrix of your own illusions which is blocking your vision to see the opportunities of freedom from those illusions. You have to start believing that you are born with limitless potential. Things which have been stopping you from achieving your dream are not actually your circumstances but the deeply rooted limiting beliefs in your mind.

Once you accept and start believing this truth, then as if by way of miracles, positive developments start happening in your life. This may take some time, but surely and surprisingly high level of transformations take place when your mind accepts the fact that you are actually limitless.

So you might ask, at what time and age can one start breaking free from his/her limitations. The answer is NOW!

NOW is the time to realise this truth and beat the illusions. Almost all successful people have experienced this transformation and created wonders. And NOW is your turn!

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