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Be an Opportunist to achieve success

opportunistThe dictionary meaning of an Opportunist is “a person who makes use of the circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans.

Today’s world is dynamic and life presents you with host of opportunities. It is up to you to make use of those opportunities. Sometimes an opportunity may involve risk; mostly financial. But with your approach to take calculated risks you can convert them into rewards.

The secret behind success of all the super achievers has been keeping an opportunist approach for evaluation of risks with a vision to get more out of life. You will have to build up a mindset to take calculated risks whenever there are opportunities to get more. It is not the game for those with stereotype mentality of being principle centric and methodical. Only being an opportunist you can develop such a mindset. That’s the key to success!

There is an interesting video of a tiger who is able to use his opportunist attitude to catch his prey so that he never stays hungry:

Similar to the approach of the tiger in this video, you need to adopt the philosophy to be successful in achieving your goals. Then you’ll find that you will not have to hunt for opportunities but opportunities will come looking for you!

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  1. If opportunist politics, in its urge for success, confuses what a political movement really stands for, or continually changes its story to suit the moment, any profound evaluation of its experiential record becomes i 1000 mpossible, and the past can be re-interpreted in any number of ways to suit the political purposes of the present or those of the future.

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