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Awaken the fire within you

fireIn each one of us there is a fire to do something big in life. It is that fire which can help you to go from where you are to where you want to be. If you respect that fire and allow it to rule your life then you become unstoppable. There are no difficulties, no obstacles and no excuses. You become so strong in your determination to succeed that you are able to achieve what you want in life.

But not many of us are able to honour that fire. Circumstances, people etc. start becoming your weaknesses and you start getting logical excuses for not able to fulfill your aims and ambitions.

The key difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the recognition of that fire to make a difference; difference between life of survival and life of success!

Now you might ask, how to discover that fire within you? Here are the few questions which can help you:

1. What are the things that you feel passionate about?

2. Are you doing those things?

3. How do you feel when you are not able to do those things?

4. What can you give in exchange for the freedom to do those things which you are intensely passionate about?

5. How would you feel when you are able to do them?

6. How do you feel when you are not able to do them?

When you think deeply on these questions, you’ll feel the fire from the pain if you are not doing those things which you actually wish to do. That would be the beginning of thinking process which will motivate you to take right decisions and actions. Eventually you would do all those things in life which gives you the feeling of happiness and contentment.

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