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Affirmations-best way to change your mindset

Do you have a feeling that if you were working with a different mindset then you would have been more successful in life? If your answer is ‘yes’ then there is surely a hidden seed within you to nurture your life and make the best use out of it.

Now the next question arises… How to bring about the change in one’s mindset and attitude? The answer is by way of affirmations!

Affirmations are auto suggestions and instructions which you repeatedly feed to your subconscious mind so that your pattern of thinking changes. Most people have the doubt whether it is possible to change your thinking that way. Well, it is definitely possible provided you believe and start using affirmations with complete faith in them to bring about self transformation.

There are volumes of literature on practicing affirmations. All those who have heard about Law of Attraction, will know that affirmations are the essential requirement to manifest the law. But the question is, how is this law manifested with affirmations? Studies show that once you start practicing affirmations, you bring about change in your attitude and thinking pattern. Thereafter you tend to think and act in ways to attract things of your choice into your life. Thus Law of Attraction starts working in your favor.

You may ask, how to start building up your affirmations. Here are the few essential rules of affirmations:

1. You need to write down your affirmations

2. Always use positive sentences. Avoid using negative words like ‘not’, ‘don’t’, ‘can’t’ etc.

3. Your affirmations should be definite. Avoid using words like ‘may be’, ‘could be’ etc.

4. You should be convinced with your affirmations

5. When you are feeling your affirmations, they should evoke feeling of happiness in your heart. You should be able to enjoy them

Once the affirmations are drafted as per the above points, then you should be religiously start practicing them repeatedly. This will help to tune your subconscious mind. However you need to remember that changing your thinking pattern takes its own natural time. So you need to keep the patience as well as the faith. Over a period of time you will be able to identify noticeable change in your attitude and approach towards life. Soon you will start getting the rewards of this transformation. Your life would be more positive and successful.

Remember that thoughts are things. Your thoughts are converted into your actions and your actions in turn decide your destiny. So practicing affirmations are the best ways to materialize your thoughts to lead a successful life!

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