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8 effective ways to combat stress


Today everyone has some or the other kind of stress in life. If not taken care, it can become a major roadblock for your success. Hence if you want to focus on chasing your goals, it is very important to deal with your stress.

Here are 8 practical and effective ways to combat stress:

1. Take things lightly and stay happy

Learn to laugh at situations. Sometimes life can present you with a tough situation to deal with. You have to make a choice whether to get bogged down or stay cool and face it. That time if you laugh hard and loud, you will realize that the situation won’t affect you much. When you laugh, certain chemicals called endorphins are released from the body, and they act as stress busters.

2. Have better control over your time and schedule

You’ll be much more able to deal with stress if you are able to do good time management of your activities. When you plan your time wisely, you are in better control. Then you can stay focused and calm.

Best solution for this is to start your day few minutes early and give sufficient time for every task. Avoid procrastinating specially on important or urgent tasks. It is a good practice to keep a journal or record book rather than just relying on your memory.

Develop the habit of doing one task at a time at a time. Multiple tasks can lead to confusion and lack of focus if you are not good at multi tasking.  Sometimes you may have to be patient. Keeping patience is a great way to take care of anxiety levels.

You also tend to lose much of your time because of distractions. Hence it is important to say “no” so that your time is not wasted.

3. Regular exercise

Habit of regular exercising not only helps you to stay fit but it will also help you to beat your stress. Exercise helps you to increase your capacity of handling stress.  It has many other advantages like improving your sleep, increasing your concentration, boosting your immunity etc. apart from reducing your stress levels.

4. Look out for support community and friends

It truly helps you to deal with your stress if you have people helping and supporting you. Cultivate good friendship with people whom you trust. When you feel stressful, that time it helps a ton to share your worries and anxieties with trustworthy people. Many times such sharing can help you to find solutions for the causes of your worry.

If you do not have such trust worthy friends then you may look for support groups and counselors. They would be able to offer you professional advice to deal with your stress levels.

That way you will be able to come out of your stressful situation.

5. Try deep breathing and yoga

Whenever you are under stress it is essential to calm down your body and mind. For that breathing exercises are the best. You can learn them even from You tube videos.

You can also try out this yoga technique: Inhale slowly, counting to ten. Exhale through your mouth, even more slowly, counting to twelve. Feel the relaxation as you exhale, and feel tension dissolve. When you do it for 10 minutes, you’ll find yourself completely relaxed and stress free.

6. Maintain healthy food habits

Food is an inevitable component of our life. Hence it is important to have healthy food habits so that you don’t consume unhealthy or junk food. It is also important not to skip meals, especially breakfast. It is also important not to eat in a hurry. In addition you need to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and large amounts of sweets, which are responsible factors for blood pressure problems and stress.

7. Be Positive

We all talk about positive thinking. Important thing is to practice it. Attitude of gratitude is the best way to stay positive. Make a list of all the good things that you have in your life. Review them daily. This will help you to stay positive and happy. Remind yourself that there are so many people who don’t have those blessings that you enjoy in your life. This will make you feel good about what you have and there will be lesser things to regret or feel unhappy.

8. Have a sense of purpose

It is said that sense of purpose adds meaning to your life. When you have a purpose and goals in life, you have the motivation to live each day with energy and enthusiasm. Then you won’t feel low and whatever stress you’ll have, you will be able to take it positively as a challenge. While you will be working on those challenges, that process will lead to your progress in life!

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