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7 reasons why Law of Attraction is not working for you

When Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret was first published, it became the best seller in no time. Millions of copies were sold worldwide, translated in many languages. Even now it is one of the highest selling publications. If so many people are reading The Secret, then why not everyone is able to make use of Law of Attraction and fulfill their desires? Well, knowing the Secret is one thing and practicing its formula is entirely different thing.

We all must have heard the maxim, ‘Knowledge is Power’. But sadly knowledge alone is not power. It’s the application of knowledge that brings power in different forms. Knowing The Secret and the Law of Attraction will only give you the path to discover that power within you. You need to walk on that path to gain that power and use it to your advantage!

Many people complain that they are practicing The Secret and the Law of Attraction, but they are not getting results. If you too are not getting the results then it only implies that you have not understood what the Law is and how it works. Fact remains that whether you understand that Law or not, it invariably works. You only need to make it work in your favour like so many successful people have done.

Here are the 7 reasons why the Law of Attraction is not working for you:

1. Expecting the results too early

When you are practicing the Law of Attraction, the worst mistake would be to hope for the results too early. One has to remember that the Universe has its own pace to work. You cannot force the Universe to make the Law work for you according to your pace.  You have to keep patience and the faith that the Law of Attraction is working and slowly it will manifest your desires.

2. Losing patience

The biggest reason why people are not able to make use of Law of Attraction is because of lack of patience. As mentioned in the above point, when people are not able to fulfill their wishes, then they lose patience and give up on their efforts. Negative thinking and disbelief in the Law make all their efforts spiral down into despair.

3. Depending solely on positive thinking

It’s good to consciously think positively. But unless the positive thinking is not ingrained into your subconscious mind, there will not be enough positive vibrations to attract what you want in life. Positive thinking should always be followed with positive actions so that attitudinal changes happen. It will take some time for your mind to absorb the positive thinking process.  You may feed your mind with positive thoughts;  but if negative thinking continuous to dominate your subconscious mind, then the effect of positive thinking will be nullified and you’ll not be able to fulfill your desires.

4. Not taking ownership of what has and is happening to you

Law of Attraction demands that you take complete ownership of what has happened to you in the past and what you are facing in the present. Acceptance of complete responsibility of your life is the key to make the Law work for you to design the future of your dreams.

5. Lack of self belief

Most people are victims of limiting self beliefs. Even if they feel that they have the potential, their limiting beliefs do not allow them to get that quintessential confidence. Law of Attraction demands a strong degree of confidence in your beliefs. Only then the Universe responds to your call.

6. Going by the naysayers

You will come across many people who will say, “Oh, I tried with Law of Attraction thing…but it never worked for me.” If you listen to these people you’ll lose confidence in the Law. Remember, whether you believe in it or not, the Law of Attraction inevitably works. If it doesn’t then there would not have been Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other super successful people who have created history.

7. Using affirmations, visualizations without emotions

For practicing the Law, you need to use positive affirmations, vision boards etc. However if you use these tools without emotionalizing on them, then no matter how many times you repeat those affirmations, you will not be able to manifest your desires. The reason why emotionalizing your visualizations is so important is that, it triggers the positive vibrations from your subconscious mind. Your emotions have real power to make the Law of Attraction work.

Only when you follow ‘The Secret’ codes avoiding the aforesaid mistakes, the Law will undoubtedly help you to manifest the life of your dreams!

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