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5 Tips to Fulfill Your New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolution

New Year has arrived and once again it’s the time to make resolutions. The common problem with most people is that, though they religiously make resolutions at the outset of the year. However they end up losing the steam and at the end of the year there are nothing but regrets of not having fulfilled those resolutions. It adds to the frustration and significantly lowers one’s morale.

So in order to help you to stick to your New Year Resolutions and fulfil your yearly goals and targets here are top 5 important tips:

  1. Visit your resolutions everyday: If you simply rely on your memory of remembering your every resolution, then you’ll never fulfil them. We tend to forget things easily. Hence repetition is essential key to remembrance. So make it as your religious practice to visit your resolutions every single day so that you are reminded of them and without forgetting keep working on them
  2. Keep a journal of your progress: Visiting your resolutions is simply not enough. You need to measure how you are progressing with them. That’s why keeping a journal of your progress on your resolutions will go a long way to help you stick to them
  3. Identify your weakness: When you are setting up your resolutions, you may be having certain weaknesses which will block your way. You need to identify those weaknesses and start overcoming them. There will be phases of inertia, but with consistent efforts you should be able to overcome those weaknesses and keep following your resolutions
  4. Stay motivated: Fulfilling your resolutions is not an easy task. Hence you need to find some ways to motivate yourself so that you can keep going strong. You may read motivational books, attend seminars, watch inspirational movies etc. to keep yourself motivated.
  5. List down your priorities: This is one of the most essential steps to help you with following your resolutions. Knowing your priorities will make things crystal clear for you so that you are able to win over unnecessary deviations and distractions in the way of your resolutions.

Happy New Year and Good Luck with your Resolutions!


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