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5 must watch motivational movies

Must watch motivational moviesWhen it comes to finding motivation for achieving your goals, inspirational movies can be the richest resource. There are some truly wonderful movies which will pump up tons of motivation in you.

When you watch these movies, mostly based on true life stories, you’ll realize that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. There cannot be victory without moments of struggle.

Here are the best 5 motivational movies highly recommended for you:

1. Peaceful Warrior

Based on the true life story of American gymnast Dan Millman, the movie talks about how Millman fought with his post accident situation where he lost his leg; yet went on to win gold for American in the Olympics. Highly inspiring!

2. In pursuit of Happyness

One of the finest performances by Will Smith, again based on the real life story of Chris Gardner. Despite being homeless and managing the responsibility of his son, Chris struggles hard to crack the stock broker internship program and fulfills his dream of becoming a successful stock broker.

3. Patch Adams

Marvellous performance by late Robin Williams! It’s an inspiring story of a man who comes out of mental asylum to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor with a mission to bring happiness in the lives of the patients coupled with his humanitarian treatment. The Gesundheit Institute stands as a perfect testimonial of Patch Hunter Adams’ vision and efforts.

4. Miracle

It’s interesting to watch how a near failure team of ice hockey is steered to Olympic victory by the leadership of their coach…excellently played the role of the Coach Herb Brooks by Kurt Russell

5. Rocky series

If you really want to have a shot of motivation, you can’t afford to miss upon Rocky I followed by its sequels. The dream come true rags to riches story of struggling Sylvester Stallone both in real and reel life, only exception is while Sylvester was struggling as an actor before Rocky, while his character Rocky Balboa was a struggling boxer!

There are many more films in this category… I would like to encourage the readers to pour out their suggestions on which of the movies you found inspiring in the comments section below.

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