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5 best websites on motivation

We all need continuous sources of motivation to get better in life. Thanks to the internet age, we can get easy access to motivation whenever we feel the need for it.

But fact remains that internet today is overloaded with information. When we Google for ‘motivation’, links to millions of website are displayed in a matter of seconds. So it becomes another tedious job to get access to the right sources. Especially when we are feeling low, we don’t really have the mindset to get into cumbersome research.

Hence to save your efforts and get connected to enriching sources of motivation without wasting much time; here are the 5 best websites on motivation to visit:

1. http://www.motivation.com


This is a highly resourceful website on motivation. You can discover much needed motivation in the areas of Physical health, Finance, Spirituality, Work/Career, Relationship, Leadership, Purpose of life, and Parenting. This website is also a rich resource for inspirational quotes, stories and videos.

2. http://www.positivityblog.com

Positivity blog

If you are looking for personal development courses, products, etc. then this website offers some of the best resources. The creator of this website Henrik Edberg himself posts highly inspiring articles. In addition, there are some premium courses provided. Worth checking them out!

3. http://www.pickthebrain.com

Pick the brain

This website hosts a comprehensive collection of articles on self improvement focussing on boosting your motivation levels, confidence, productivity, and health. One of the best aspects of the website is community blog, where writers from across the world have shared their insights on personal empowerment.

4. http://www.stevepavlina.com

Steve Pavlina

Once you land onto this website, you would love to sink into it. This website provides some of the best practical lessons of personal development for a better life. Interesting aspect of this website is Steve Pavlina’s audio podcasts…absolutely amazing to listen!

5. http://addicted2success.com

Addicted 2 Success

Now this is what I call, one of the best well organized website!  The resources shared on this website, will actually make you feel addicted to success! It has a highly valuable section for entrepreneurs, which explores the secrets behind the success of highly successful people.  Frequent visits to this website will positively make you more focussed towards achieving success in life!


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