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Fighting the Winter Blues with Natural Medicine

Winter. It just began officially, but in Colorado it feels like we are already in the middle of it! Less daylight and colder temperatures translate into a slowing down in our general activity level....

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Crabby Goes to a Conference and Learns Four Things

By Crabby McSlacker Crabby and the Lobster have at last arrived in Austin where they are spending the winter. Lots to love about Austin, it’s a fitnessy town! And a few things to grouse about as well, but more on all that in a future blog post. So one of ...

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High Protein Breakfast actually helps prevent Weight Gain!

How many times have you heard the comment that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” The University of Missouri recently published a study to actually show that, YES, a high protein...

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The Beauty of Brazil Nuts

Brazil nut trees are native to regions in Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and the Guianas. These trees can grow up to 160 feet tall and live up to 700 years old. Each mature tree can...

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5 Tips to Fulfill Your New Year Resolutions

New Year has arrived and once again it’s the time to make resolutions. The common problem with most people is that, though they religiously make resolutions at the outset of the year. However they end up losing the steam and at the end of the year there are nothing but ...

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