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Inspiring Story of Manjhi-The Mountain Man

Imagine someone from the lowest strata of the society, struggling single handedly for 22 years of his life to break a mountain and finally carving a road through it. That’s the inspiring story of Dashrath Manjhi-The Mountain Man! I finished watching the movie-Manji-The Mountain Man depicting this highly inspiring tale ...

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How to Develop Self-Mastery

It is said that,“You are the master of your destiny.” True as the statement goes; however the essential pre-requisite for mastering your destiny is ‘Self mastery’.  It basically means to have a control over your thoughts, speech and actions. Self-mastery expertise is something all of us can develop to achieve success ...

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How To Stay Motivated During Failures

It’s a common aspect of human nature that when things working in your favour, it is easier to stay motivated and work towards your goals. However, the real challenge is, when circumstances are not in your favour. That time we tend to accept defeat and stop working towards our goals. As ...

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6 Techniques on Anger Management

Statistics show that most people have problem controlling their anger. It is important to control anger because when a person is angry, he/she is more prone to take wrong decisions. This can have an adverse effect on that person’s life. If you too are facing the same issue and wish to ...

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8 effective ways to combat stress

Today everyone has some or the other kind of stress in life. If not taken care, it can become a major roadblock for your success. Hence if you want to focus on chasing your goals, it is very important to deal with your stress. Here are 8 practical and effective ...

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