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10 daily habits for success

It is truly said, “Your habits determine your destiny”. What you do on a daily basis eventually determine what you get out of life! Hence it is imperative to follow certain daily habits if you want to be successful. No successful person has ever reached the top in one shot. Those ...

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You can live your dream

There are many motivational videos on Youtube. But this one titled ‘Dream’ is unparalleled. Check this out: Here are some of the insights from the video worth sharing: No doubt it is hard changing their lives; but people who are in the process of working on their dreams are aware ...

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10 essential steps to achieve success

When we talk of achieving success in life, then I have to say that success in any field has certain sets of common rules to be followed. However the quintessential steps are to know in which primary area you need to be successful and what is your definition of success? ...

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5 best websites on motivation

We all need continuous sources of motivation to get better in life. Thanks to the internet age, we can get easy access to motivation whenever we feel the need for it. But fact remains that internet today is overloaded with information. When we Google for ‘motivation’, links to millions of ...

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Innovate or die

In a business, it is said, “You either keep innovating or get prepared to die!” If you are not able to catalyze change for your business then your business will soon be struck with a catastrophe. What is applicable in a business is also applicable in our personal lives. Change is ...

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Affirmations-best way to change your mindset

Do you have a feeling that if you were working with a different mindset then you would have been more successful in life? If your answer is ‘yes’ then there is surely a hidden seed within you to nurture your life and make the best use out of it. Now ...

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Journaling-Best way to track your efforts

For those who are following Robin Sharma and read his books, you would recall that Robin Sharma has been emphasizing on the importance of maintaining the journal of your activities on a regular basis. He has been reiterating its importance right from his first book, The Monk who sold his Ferrari. ...

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