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Invest in yourself

We talk a lot about investments. Investing in stocks, property, and some other financial instruments are generally what is done by most of us to take care of the future. However, if you really want to secure not just your future but your success as well then you have to ...

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Focus on value addition

Your success in any field depends on how much value you are able to create or add by way of your efforts. When you are able to focus your attention on value addition of the products and services that you are offering, you inevitably achieve success! If you look at ...

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Cut the crap

If you really want to get successful in life, then you need to cut the crap! You might wonder what does it actually mean to cut the crap? Well, it’s quite simple! Cutting the crap means giving up all the unnecessary thoughts and actions which have no role to play ...

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Am I losing my focus?

Many times we are so caught up with our mundane affairs that we tend to lose the sight of our goals. That time, you need to isolate yourself from the busyness of this world and ask yourself the most quintessential question: “Am I losing my focus?“ The answer that you ...

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