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To do what you love ensures success

I believe one of the essential master key to success is doing what you love to do. Then work no longer becomes ‘work’ but its excitement and fun while you earn your living! Every one has his or her own core area of aptitude and interests. We all are born ...

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Positive thinking and actions gives positive results

Here is your fundamental success formula: Positive thinking+actions=Positive Results! It goes without saying that positive thinking alone cannot produce results. That way any results whether positive, negative and neutral depends on your actions. No doubt, thinking is a precursor to the action. What you do, the way you do, always ...

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Being Limitless

I was watching this movie “Limitless”. The concept of the film is that, the male protagonist who has been a loser in life, gets a pill which makes his brain work with 100 % capacity. Then what follows is a miraculous transformation in his life and rags to riches story ...

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